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Punk in Edinburgh
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Punk rockers, punk bands and punk gigs in Edinburgh, Scotland.
This is the LiveJournal community for Edinburgh's thriving punk scene. It is intended as a place for bands and promoters to publicise forthcoming gigs, for punk-related photos past and present, and for bands and individuals who are or wish to be part of the Edinburgh punk scene to make and maintain contact.

A few guidelines:
  • Please keep posts on-topic.
  • Please do not post images larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels. If linking from Flickr, the 'Large 1024' size is ideal. If posting from LiveJournal Scrapbook, the 1000 size is also ideal.
  • If posting more than one image, please put the remaining images behind a cut.
  • Any abusive posts or comments will be deleted without comment and the perpetrator will be banned from the community.
See also the Punk in Edinburgh Flickr group.

This community is now maintained by rock_dinosaur.
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